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We Make Blood

Real, fully functional red blood cells made the same way the body makes them - we just make them in the lab.

The Need for Blood

Every 2 seconds someone in the U.S. needs blood. The nationwide inventory for blood is at best a 12 day supply, but this regularly drops below 2 days in times of crises and low donor turnout. Without an alternative supply for this critical resource, blood systems must rely on the generosity of donors. With blood shortages worldwide, the current system is stressed. A new system is required in order to meet the global demand.

Membio is on a mission to provide the world with a safe and sustainable supply of blood.

Safe and Sustainable

A reliable blood supply is an essential part of any healthcare system. Blood is a necessary prerequisite for many life-saving interventions including cancer treatment, surgery, and trauma care. At Membio, we're applying our proprietary biomanufacturing technologies to produce fully functional red blood cells. Put simply, we're developing a safe and sustainable blood supply.