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A Manufacturing Platform
for Off-the-Shelf Cell Therapies

Making allogeneic cell and gene therapies faster and less expensive to develop.

The Need for New Manufacturing

Autologous cell & gene therapies are revolutionizing the way clinicians treat disease, but their inability to scale and consequently high prices are limiting their accessibility for patients. Allogeneic cell & gene therapies are the future, with the goal being to develop “off-the-shelf” therapies that are truly accessible for all patients who need them.

Membio is on a mission to develop a plug-and-play platform that will save time and reduce risk for therapeutic companies bringing cell and gene therapies to market.

Enabling the Future of Cell & Gene Therapy

We believe in a future in which cell and gene therapies are off-the-shelf and accessible for every patient who needs them. Our role in enabling this future is developing the manufacturing technologies that will be needed to make cell and gene therapies on a global scale. Two core technologies are at the heart of our platform: our proprietary single-use bioreactors and our conditionally immortalized allogeneic cell lines.

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Allogeneic Cell Lines

Our conditionally-immortalized allogeneic cell lines are derived from hematopoietic stem cells and allows us to eliminate the need for recurring donors. From a single cell line, we can produce unlimited quantities of consistent fully-functional cells with targeted properties.

Single-Use Perfusion Bioreactors that Scale

Our proprietary single-use perfusion bioreactor is inspired by nature's most efficient logistics system: the human body's circulation system. This is what gives us our competitive edge. Our novel bioreactor design allows us to maintain the benefits of both stirred tank and hollow fiber bioreactors, allowing us to achieve an unprecedented combination of scalability and micro-environment control.

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