We make blood the same way your body does, but in the lab.

Making Blood in the Lab

We are developing biomanufacturing technologies that allow us to produce fully functional red blood cells in the lab, eliminating the need for recurring donations. Our blood will function just like the blood that is produced every day in our bodies, but compared to donated blood, it will be safer, more universally received, and last longer.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube

Pathogen Free

Unlike donor blood, our blood will be guaranteed to be pathogen and toxin free and to have consistent antigen profiles, which prevent alloimmunization.

Highly Compatible

Our blood is being designed to be compatible with more patients than type O- and to have targeted variations to cover rare blood types and alloimmunized patients.

Longer Lasting

Our blood will be composed entirely of young cells, which last longer in the body and result in fewer transfusions being required over time.

Breakthrough Technology

Researchers around the world have been growing blood outside of the body for a few decades, but these scientific breakthroughs have been confined to the lab due to limitations in biomanufacturing that have prevented the ability to grow cells at commercial scale. By combining our specialized cell lines with our proprietary Dual Fusion Bioreactor, Membio is making the technological breakthroughs necessary to grow cells at commercial scale and unlock the ability to produce a safe and sustainable blood supply.

Immortilized Cells.tif

Specialized Cell Line

Our specialized cell lines are derived from hematopoietic stem cells and allows us to eliminate the need for recurring donors. From a single cell line, we can produce unlimited quantities of red blood cells. These cells are grown in the lab and allow us to produce blood in a sustainable and scalable way, without restriction.

Bioreactor white.png

Dual Fusion Bioreactor

Our Dual Fusion Bioreactor is inspired by nature's most efficient logistics system: the human body's circulation system. This is what gives us our competitive edge. Our proprietary bioreactor design allows us to maintain the benefits of both stirred tank and hollow fiber bioreactors, allowing us to achieve an unprecedented combination of scalability and micro-environment control.